‘Nertus’ is a non-profit organization that promotes the satisfaction and protection of legal social, economic, cultural, artistic, sporting and other interests of disabilities. Today ‘Nertus’ is focused on organization of the necessary types of prosthetic and orthopedic care for all disabilities groups

Core principles

‘Nertus’ is guided by the following principles in its activities:

  • We are passionate and innovative in the promotion and defense of the rights and interests of people with disability

  • We are accessible and responsive to our community, and inclusive of its diversity

  • We encourage, empower and support the civic participation of people with disability

  • We are collaborative and supportive in our relationships within the disability rights movement as a whole

  • We always act with honesty and integrity

  • We are resourceful and efficient in management of the resources needed to undertake our work.

Aims and objectives

Our organization will take all measures deemed necessary to achieve its  aims, including:

  • Advocating on behalf of people with disability, particularly where their rights have been infringed;

  • Promoting access to proper and adequate representation of people with disability on all bodies which make decisions that affect their lives;

  • Encouraging the development and coordination of self-help groups of people with disability;

  • Providing information, advice and practical assistance to any person with disability whose personal circumstances require such services. The services shall not be limited to members of the Association;

  • Fostering communication and cooperation with other community organizations with similar aims;

Our history

Nertus was founded in 2006 in Odessa. Today “Nertus” is one of the leading organizations that defend the rights of people with disabilities in the region.

Organization pays a special attention  to the problem of  providing the necessary types of prosthetic and orthopedic care for all disabled groups. Specialists of Nertus has developed a strategic campaign to involve leading manufacturers of prosthetic and orthopedic products of Ukraine in this process. In this regard, the organization appealed to the Tellus company – the largest manufacturer of prostheses and orthoses of upper and lower extremities, orthopedic shoes in the South of Ukraine.

Together we created  the project of the Center for prosthetic, orthopedic, rehabilitation and social assistance called “Fifth Ray”, which is intended to be a new vector for development of industry not only in the region but in the whole country


Join us in promoting the human rights of people with disability. Become a member and be part of our disability rights community. Contact us for more information.