We do not decide on attained therefore for further realization of project on creation of “Fifth Ray” center “Nertus” focuses on next objectives:

  • Improving the quality of prosthetic and orthopedic services

  • Organization of prosthetic rehabilitation department in “Fifth Ray” center

  • Organization of general rehabilitation department in “Fifth Ray” center

Improving the quality of prosthetic and orthopedic services for people with disabilities depends on raising the skill level of Ukrainian specialists. Thanks to the efforts of our employees today world leading orthotic and prosthetic technicians come to Odessa to consult local experts and examine heaviest patients.

At the same time “Nertus” developed a project to establish training courses for orthotic and prosthetic technicians . The project includes a course of lectures on anatomical, physiological, anthropometric and biomechanical aspects of the prosthesis. The purpose of the project is to  raise qualification of specialists from all regions of Ukraine through the exchange of experience with leading engineers in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. The project will further improve the quality of services provided to people with disabilities.

Furthermore we see solution of the problem in installation of modern CAD / CAM system, including:

  • Scanning and diagnostic evaluation of the patient

  • Modification of digital model with further modeling of products

  • Manufacture of final device in high-speed milling machine with high accuracy

This system has already become a standard of prosthetic and orthopedic manufacturing in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and others. Our specialists are continuously analyzing available systems doing their best to attract investors for its acquisition and installation in the “Fifth Ray” center.

Special attention is paid to the rehabilitation question. Years of working with people with disabilities helped to reveal a lack of a comprehensive approach to this problem in Ukraine in general and in the Odessa region in particular. “Nertus” aims to organize a  free access to a full range of rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. To do this our employees held a series of consultations with major rehabilitation centers around the world to create the optimal package of necessary equipment. For its  purchase our experts negotiate with international organizations and investors.

Purchase and installation of equipment is planned in 2 stages:

  • Equipment for prosthetic rehabilitation

  • Equipment for general rehabilitation

By supporting our initiative  you are helping thousands of people with disabilities, both in the Odessa region, and throughout Ukraine.